I begun to be interested by oncology since my graduation at the Veterinary School of Perugia (Italy) in 1992. On January 1994 I moved to the United States to attend the 6 months Intensive Post Graduate Course in Clinical Veterinary Medicine at the Animal Medical Center of New York (NY). During this period I have been accepted for a residency program by the North Carolina State University, one of the most prestigious Veterinary Oncology Centers of the USA. My residenceship lasted from July 1994 to July 1996.During the last months of my specialization I got fascinated by the preliminary studies on electrochemotherapy in humans, therefore at the completion of my Program, I moved to the Cancer Institute Gustave Roussì dof Villejuif (Paris) for a stage to familiarize myself with the technique.
Since 1997 I work as a free lance Veterinary Oncologist in Rome, Italy, and I work as a consultant with the Regina Elena Cancer Institute of Rome, Italy. Since July 1999 I collaborate with the Centre of Biomedical Engineering of Sofia, Bulgaria to develop novel instrumentations for electrochemotherapy. During the year 2003 I begun my Ph D in preclinical Electrochemotherapy at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, that has been successfully completed on March 2006 with the formal defence of my thesis entitled: Improved delivery of anticancer molecules by means of biphasic electric pulses in laboratory animals and preclinical studies in companion animals with spontaneous neoplasms. On July 2006 I become the first Italian Diplomate of the ACVIM (American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine, [Specialty of Oncology]). Since September 2006 I am a diplomate ECVIM-CA (European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine- Companion Animals, [Specialty of Oncology]).

Professional Experience

Throughout these years I devoted myself to the cure of cancer in companion animals, developing, among other things, novel therapeutic protocols. This activity, coupled with my research activity at the Regina Elena Cancer Institute, led to 46 publications in peer reviewed journal.

Since November 2006 I am preclinical investigator on Electrochemotherapy at the Centre of Biomedical Engineering “Ivan Daskalov” of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Recognition and Goal

Among the professional recognitions for my research activity I would like to mention my activity as a reviewer for several international scientific journals and the board membership in two international journals: The Open Drug Resistance Journal and the Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research. Finally, since 2007, I am a member fo the Scientific Committee of the Italian Endometriosis Association.My goal is to develop novel therapeutic protocols for dogs and cats with cancer in order to improve their efficacy and to decrease their toxicity so to offer the best professional standards to my patients.